Recommended Website Links

The Internet is such a great resource that we want to occasionally share some websites that docents may find useful for research.

American Craft Council

The website describes itself well below:
"American Craft is a wish book that helps creative people to see the world with fresh eyes. Its memorable stories and images inspire readers to craft a conscientious, expressive life they feel good about. The magazine celebrates the age-old human impulse to make things by hand, in order to communicate, learn, heal, and connect. Our core audience values community, sustainability, quality and authenticity."

Aperture Magazine

Aperture is a non-profit foundation that strives to connect the photo community not only through its website but through print resources. It is a good resource on photography. Many articles and past magazines can be viewed without a subscription.

Art Daily

Art Daily advertises itself as the first daily art newspaper on the web. It keeps you abreast on current news in the art world. It has a searchable database of artists, museums, and galleries and even provides daily games.

Art History Resources 

Current art history news, comments, updates, pictures, videos, reviews, & information posted on Facebook by Dr. Christopher L.C.E. Witcombe Dr. Witcombe is a professor of Art History at Sweet Briar College. This has numerous links to information about artists, periods of art, art blogs and art news across the Internet.

Art in America Magazine

This is a good resource on information on American Art especially current artists and exhibitions.


Artcyclopedia is a form of Internet search engine. It has links to over 9000 artists. It also has information on art museums worldwide and a wide-ranging wealth of articles on artists and art.

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